Chris Emard


Andrew Emard


Hannah Emard


Office Manager

Richard Boisvenue

Store Mgr & Paint Specialist

Sharon Arcand



Estimating/Contractor Sales

Maureen Hamilton


Lucie Giroux

Credit Manager

Laurie Nisula

Administrative assistant

Rachel Petry

Manager Kitchen & Bath

Casey Emard

Kitchen & Bath Sales/Advertising

Marcel Beauvais

Kitchen & Bath Design

Sylvie Fobert

Kitchen & Bath Design

Frank Nysten

Windows, Doors, Siding & Roofing

Rick Smith

Windows & Doors

Marc Pilon

Heating & Cooling

Steve O’Obyrne

Railing & Deck Specialist

Brittany Cryderman

Lighting Specialist

André Léger

Tools Specialist

Norman Bourgon


Brian Burns

Brian Burns

Yard Foreman

Peter Barr

Peter Barr

Customer Service

Colette Charron

Colette Charron

Customer Service

Angela Dagenais

Angela Dagenais

Customer Service

Danielle Johnston

Danielle Johnston

Customer Service

Sharon Kingsley

Customer Service

Diane Lévesque

Customer Service


Customer Service

Judy Régnier

Customer Service

Long Term Employees

270 Years of Loyal Service

Emard Lumber prides itself with having a very loyal and experienced staff. Over the years we have been able to retain many of our full time employees. The seven employees pictured below combine for a total of 270 years of loyal service at Emard Lumber. Many of our remaining full time staff have been here for ten years or more. The fact that we have an experienced full time staff really sets us apart from the local competition here in Cornwall, who often rely on part time employees to fill their ranks.

Left to right: Norman Bourgon 44 yrs, Richard Boisvenue 30 yrs, Richard Valade 40 yrs,
Ann Lemire 40 yrs, Claude Gauthier 36 yrs, Guy Stang 40 yrs, Pierre Secours 40 yrs.


Emard Lumber is looking to fill a full time position in Windows and Doors!

Product knowledge and experience is desired


Please apply in person at the store, or complete the following form to send us your resume.

** Only successful candidates will be contacted.